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Learning to Live, Learning to Love

The Integrity Life Skills Learning Center is a place where adults and youth attend gender separate classes to be taught valuable life skills from the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" curriculum written by the founder, Dr. Paul Hegstrom. Whether you are in an abusive relationship, experiencing marriage problems, trying to break patterns of the past, or are a troubled teen, Life Skills can help. Life Skills does not do couples counseling.

Integrity Life Skills is a non-profit organization that exists to reach out to the hurting. We want to help individuals break free from behavior that can cause strained, broken, or abusive relationships. We seek to turn negative patterns around and to teach skills to promote growth. We teach individuals the reasons for behaviors without placing guilt or blame, showing each individual dignity and respect as they go through the healing process.

Contact us at:
Integrity Life Skills Learning Center
Leray D. Glendenning, Executive Director
8527 University, Suite #9
Clive, Iowa 50325
Phone: (515) 554-1604
Fax: (515) 270-1960

There is Hope!
Calls and sessions are confidential.

Do You Believe...

  • If you really knew me, you wouldn’t love me.
  • Everything is always my fault.
  • I had some trauma in my life, but it doesn’t affect me now.
  • If your partner would just change, everything would be fine.
  • I can’t seem to develop any close relationships.
  • It is not okay for me to make mistakes.
Do any of these statements apply to you or your relationships?


Some of the most basic and personal things that we believe about ourselves are the result of unsound input. At Live Skills, we examine our foundational beliefs in order to develop new thinking and learn the skills necessary to "Learn to Live, and Learn to Love."

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