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What is Life Skills?

Life Skills is a network of affiliated centers around the world whose trained facilitators teach the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" curriculum.

What is the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" Curriculum?

The curriculum we originally created to support and aid people involved in abusive relationships. However, Life Skills has proven to fine-tune and bring enrichment to any relationship, whether abuse is present or not.

We have discovered that past hurts shared within the group setting have common root issues. Most adults have personal experience with abuse or rejection at some point in their life.

The common issues can be one or a combination of physical, verbal, psychological, emotional, economic, and even silent abuse, along with stalking, rejection and other forms of manipulation and control.

What is the weekly program?

Our 26-week program consists of one three-hour session each week. Our "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" classes are conducted separately for men and women, and each person is treated with respect and dignity. Our facilitators present the curriculum through oral presentation, workbook study, group discussion, videos, and visual aides.

What is the Goal of Live Skills?

Life Skills teaches skills that a person would have otherwise learned in a balanced, healthy home between birth and age 18. Implementing these new skills will enable each individual to rebuild their life and improve their self-image. Our goal is to help each individual increase their capacity to function in relationships and, where possible, to offer hope of reconciliation.

What are the Class Fees?

Class fees are based on a sliding scale according to each individual’s gross annual income. Your class fee will be determined at your intake appointment. Class fees are paid at the beginning of each class.

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